Staying afloat

So, here I am. My first blog. Let me start by mentioning who I am. My name is really inconsequential to many, to thousands, in fact. Many will never remember my name. Those close to me call me Sis but my name is Melissa Grcich. I am a Nurse Practitioner by profession, a mother, a wife, a Christian. I have been a nurse for many years and though I consider myself an introvert, I love God, I love people, I love science, I love how the human body works.

I graduated from Wheeler High School, GO BEARCATS, in 1995. I Went to college in pursuit of a biology degree and through several life changes, ended up becoming a Registered Nurse with my final stop being a Nurse Practitioner. I graduated from Purdue, which is an excellent school for those interested in pursuing a nursing profession.

Throughout my experience as a nurse, I have seen tragedies, I have saved lives (always a awesome team effort with other brilliant nurses and physicians), I have seen hope, I have seen despair. Everyday is a new experience, a new opportunity, and a never ending attainment of knowledge. Every patient I meet has a life experience, a pearl of wisdom that I, as a person and a healthcare provider, grow from. I can honestly say, I love what I do.

There are a lot of "I's" in this first blog for introductory purposes. I hope my old English teachers do not hold this against me.

Several years ago, I met a lovely woman named Kim Welsh. Our friendship quickly grew and we realized how much both of us loved the patients that touched our lives. We wanted a better way to help them. We desired more for them, for their health, for their well-being. We knew we could not help everyone, though we dreamt big. We always chattered about starting up a business for our community. We would talk for hours, yes...many times while on the clock (sorry). We talked about how we could do our part and change our community, change our world. I love Kim. I hope someday, all of you will get to meet her and love her as much as I do.

Anyway, we were constantly brainstorming. All these wonderful ideas. We told ourselves, "One day, we are going to do this. One day, we will be able to afford this." Well, it turned into a few years later and neither of us had the money, or the time really, to bring our plan to life. Still, we did not lose hope. We never lost our drive to do what was right for our community, for our patients, for those we love.

Prayer, prayer, and more prayer, and a few steps were taken in the right direction. Finally, I decided to just jump in. I was at a point in my life that my desire to do what is right for our community outweighed my desire to continue in my current position; a position where I felt my ability to treat a person as a whole was limited by time constraints and red-tape. I took every last bit of my savings, and then some to build our business.

My husband Chris, built out our office using every penny we had. He has supported me all the way (minimal grumbling here and there)! Thank you Chris. I love you very much. If you ever get a chance to meet him, pat him on the back because our office is beautiful. He also makes a cute receptionist.

So, now here we are, ready for the world. Trying to stay afloat but loving every minute we get to spend with patients, with our community. I am nervous. I am excited. I am hopeful. I am thankful. I am many emotions right now, but my biggest feeling is that of gratefulness. I am grateful for the direction God has pushed me. I am grateful to finally have this chance to reach out to others and help in anyway. I am grateful to be afloat and change our world. I may not be memorable, you will likely forget my name, but that's okay. I love what I do. I am Melissa Grcich, Nurse Practitioner, and with God's strength, I am going to change our world. (And if there are any typos, I am not perfect either.)

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