The infamous fungus

The happy pun, "I'm a fungi and people lichen me." may be cute, but a fungal infection is far from fun to battle. There are several infections that arise from the "fungus among us." I am certain many can rattle off some frequent ones we all have seen or dealt with: ringworm, athlete's foot, jock itch, yeast infections, thrush, yellow thick toenails. I know, you are all now itching and grimacing at the thought of these infections! Don't worry. I am too.

The symptoms depend on the area the fungal infection is located.These infections are all too common and can affect anyone and everyone. They are also pretty difficult to treat with over-the-counter ointments and sprays unless the infection is relatively mild. It is possible, but you will be in it for the long-haul.


Depending on the fungus causing the infection and the area the infection is at, it could take months for the lovely fungi to say goodbye.

So, how are ways you can avoid the fun with a fungus?

If you are athletic and use the gym frequently or even if you don't, this is good advice to follow:

1. Always wash up! Good ole soap, shampoo, and water will not only make you smell better, but it helps prevent that dreaded itchy ringworm from taking hold.

2. Wear water shoes in ANY public shower!

3. Never share sports gear, unwashed clothes, or towels with others.

4. Change your socks and underwear at least once a day! What!!!! people don't change those daily? Turning them inside out does not count.

5. Keep your skin clean and dry! So, after swimming or a shower, dry off....don't just let your clothes soak up the extra dampness.

Women, if you are taking an antibiotic, that lovely cure for one thing, can cause an issue down under. This is because the antibiotic can eliminate the good bacteria in the system that protects the southern hemisphere and good bacteria all throughout our GI tract. Probiotics taken during the course of an antibiotic, or everyday, may help prevent yeast infections after antibiotic treatment, though this has been questioned by science and research. There are women who, in-fact, DO take probiotics and report reduction in incidents of yeast infections and oral thrush.

Candida (yeast pathogen) is one of the most invasive yeast infections and can cause pretty severe illnesses for higher risk individuals (those with weakened immune systems, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and those who are hospitalized). Fungal infections of this nature are so important to catch and treat the CDC has organized the very first Fungal Disease Awareness Week last week.

I highly recommend visiting the site and educating yourselves on the multitude of symptoms and different treatments available to those perhaps living a "fun-guy" not talking about your room-mate. Since we missed Fungus Awareness Week. Here is your chance to enlighten yourself.

As always, if your symptoms are lingering and treatment has not helped, please see your doctor and talk a little fungus with him....

With that, I will close with Happy HUMPDAY!


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