Wait- to remain inactive or in a state of repose as until something expected happens; to postpone or delay. The definition of wait to me is so much more now. A word with so few letters but with such a difficult and profound meaning for most people.

To wait: agony, tears, relentless thinking, exhausting, depressing, unknowing, scary, nerve-wrecking, sad, nauseous, impatient, anxious, worry, fear, expectations and uncertainty. I probably could go on forever of what the definition to wait for me means, and I am sure most of you could probably add to it.

We have all had to wait for something in our lives: maybe a team winning or losing, maybe finding the man or women of our dreams, waiting to get married or have a baby, waiting to hear back about that big job we interviewed for, waiting for our kids to leave the nest, waiting for a trip, waiting for a birthday, waiting for our loved one to come home from the service, waiting for a taxi, bus or airplane, waiting for a text or phone call from someone we like or love, waiting to see if we pass the test, waiting for a class or to lose that weight, waiting for our loved one to pass on.........we are people who wait each day and all the time........But have you ever had to wait for an answer to something that you know is going to change your life forever?

Recently I have, I just was diagnosed with something I thought was unimaginable to me, something I thought I was immune too......CANCER............I have had to wait

for Dr. appointments, tests, test results, procedures, and finally after 2 months a diagnosis that will change my life forever. I have cried more tears than I thought I ever could, I have been sad, happy, strong, weak, angry, mad, nauseous, nervous, stubborn, fearful, with worry and fighting my way through this.

There is nothing harder than Waiting (and yes, I capitalize it because it has such a big meaning to me now) to find out if you have a disease that may take your life one day......What are you waiting for?

How would you define waiting? What is it to you? For me one of the hardest things I have ever had to do!

Please feel free to share your comments.

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